The Multiplayer Project

My latest project for myself was to create four decks that synergize well with one another and also were chocked full of theme. Continue reading



My latest deck for solo play is my Noldor Secrecy deck. I have taken it against Passage Through Mirkwood and Hunt for Gollum and it performed quite well. At times completely drawing through the deck and then reshuffling a few times. I was wanting to make an all Elf deck and was looking for a good deck for Elrond to be in. Continue reading

Thoughts: Against the Shadow Cycle

I am going to let my thoughts flow about the upcoming Against the Shadow Cycle. All the packs have currently been announced and several cards from the cycle have been spoiled. From the looks of the cycle cards spoiled it seems that this current cycle will trend towards Gondor/Rohan/Hobbit traits, will enhance the ideas of Mono-Sphere decks, and will take us on quests in and around the stone-city, Minas Tirith. Continue reading

The Three Bees

“We are getting near,” said Gandalf. “We are on the edge of his bee pastures.” – The Hobbit

Ever since the Hobbit: Overhill and Underhill was released I have been very interested in making a deck with Beorn. So the other night as I played a 4 player game of  “The Battle of Five Armies”, I noticed some of my tactics and card choices were either being hindered by my fellow game players or I was hindering some of their choices. Which tends to be, I think, a problem for anyone playing this game in a multiplayer setting. Too many like character cards being unique, resource advantage being unique, just too many things to step on toes. Continue reading